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Jamshid Yama

Jamshid Yama Amiri

Jamshid Yama Amiri is Media Advisor to the Office of the Chairperson of the High Council for National Reconciliation. He is formerly the Senior Media Expert to the Office of the Chief Executive (2015 – 2019).
Earlier, Amiri was the Chief Editor and Consultant at the Independent Administration Reform and Civil Services Commission of Afghanistan (IARCSC) for more than four years. Prior to that, he served as News Manager and News Editor at Mandegar Daily Newspaper.
Amiri secured a Masters of Law degree from the Islamic Azad University in 2019 and a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Kabul University in 2008. Amiri has written many books and articles that are available both in hard copy and online. He often writes commentaries on various political and social issues- specifically those are related to the current situation of Afghanistan and the region.