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Ahmad Shakib Shiwa

A lawyer by profession, Ahmad Shakib Shiwa is an Afghan national who holds Master of Public Policy and Administration (MPPA) and bachelor’s degree in Law from Kabul University. He is a registered barrister with the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association (AIBA) and has over 10 years of technical and professional work experience with public and privates sector entities.

As a General Counsel, he has been providing expert legal advice and support to Greenwich CSS, a leading consultancy firm in Afghanistan, and its clients/partners. Prior to his role in this capacity, Mr. Shiwa has had the privilege of providing legal consultation and support to several national and international clients of Greenwich CSS including; Hogan Lovells US LLP, Cowater International Inc., ANHAM FZCO, Certus Connect, Afia Logistics and Afia Trading, Mezzan Holding, and Mezzan-Sabzwar JV.

Mr. Shiwa possesses extensive experience and qualification in management that helped him successfully lead, manage and implement multiple projects, relevant to his professional expertise, in Afghanistan. He led the implementation of the United States Institute of Peace (USIP)’s Legal Casebooks Evaluation project in 2019, the IOM’s Capacity Assessment of MoRR in 2020, and managed the field work of LOTFA’s Risk Assessment and Risk Strategy project in 2021. He managed transition to a state-of-the-art certification system at the Afghanistan Ministry of Education in 2007, and as a program officer under Danish International Development Aid (DANIDA) for the Ministry of Education, he and his team managed to secure funds for numerous capacity building training programs and secured thousands of scholarships and fellowships for Afghan youth (2011-2015).

Beside his technical and professional experience, Mr. Shiwa has extraordinary interpersonal and communication skills that enable him to serve any organization, at any complex and challenging environment, where quality is a must and deadlines are priority. Mr. Shiwa fluently speaks English, Dari, and he can speak Pashto very well too.