Building Peace and Connectivity through Research and Dialogue

Experts Consultation on Role of Regional Countries in the Afghan Peace Process

In collaboration with the European Institute of Peace (EIP), the Heart of Asia Society hosted a seminar on 27 November 2019 focusing on role of regional countries in support of the Afghan peace process. The seminar, which took places at the Kabul Serena Hotel and was attended by current and former government officials, academics and civil society activists. International participants included regional experts from India and Pakistan, some Kabul-based diplomats and experts associated with the EIP.

The agenda of the discussion included an assessment of the regional dimension of the Afghan peace process, and the role that regional countries do and can play in support of the current peace efforts, notably the suspended US-led peace talks with the Taliban in Doha. The seminar also focused on identifying key priorities to promote regional cooperation with a view to building and strengthening regional consensus in support of the peace process.

HAS and the EIP are committed to supporting the Afghan peace process and will continue the process of dialogue and interaction among experts from Afghanistan and its regional partners in this context.

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