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Jawed Ludin

Ambassador Jawed Ludin

A former diplomat and entrepreneur, Mr Ludin has over 25 years of professional experience and a diverse career spanning politics, government, private sector and international development. He entered politics in Afghanistan in the year 2003 and served in various high-level positions in the Afghan Government until 2013, including as Presidential Spokesman (2003-2005), Chief of Staff to President Karzai (2005-2007) and Deputy Foreign Minister (2011-2013). He also served as Afghanistan’s Ambassador to the Nordic Countries (2007-2009) and Ambassador to Canada (2009-2011).
Ludin moved from public service to the private sector in 2013 when he joined ANHAM, a UAE and US based company operating in the Middle East and Afghanistan. He subsequently founded Mithra Associates, a consulting firm specializing in corporate services and project development. Mithra Associates has offices in Kabul, Dubai and London.
Earlier in his life, Ludin spent several years working in development and peace-building sectors in the UK, Afghanistan and Pakistan. He grew up in Kabul and went on to live in the UK where he went to university. He studied sociology and politics atBirkbeck College, London University and earned a Masters degree in political theory from the same university.