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Proposed Framework for Intra-Afghan Negotiations – DRAFT

Peace is the sacred desire and urgent need of the Afghan nation and a precondition for restoring stability and ensuring economic progress in Afghanistan.  Towards the fulfilment of this long-standing desire of the nation, primarily the Afghan government but also all political and civil institutions and personalities of the country have a religious and national duty. Recent developments in the search for peace within Afghanistan and abroad have once again put the Afghan peace process on the top of national agenda, but it is clear that achieving a just and lasting peace in Afghanistan will only be possible through a national and inclusive intra-Afghan process.

In order to start and sustain intra-Afghan negotiations in a legitimate and effective manner, it is necessary to ensure the ownership and leadership of this process by Afghans at the three levels of legitimacy in the eyes of the entire nation, decision making at the political level and effective conduct of the negotiations, a goal which is not imaginable through existing state structures under the prevailing political situation in the country. Thus, with a view to the need for an early start of  the intra-Afghan negotiations and with the aim of creating necessary structures for conferring legitimacy, decision-making and implementation during the peace process, it is necessary, as expeditiously as possible, for an intra-Afghan negotiations framework to be created through a broad consultative process and based on the accumulation of all concepts and initiatives previously proposed by various personalities and groups within and outside the country.

This draft Framework for Inter-Afghan Negotiations for the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is the result of extensive consultations with prominent figures and representatives of the country’s political and intellectual groups over the course of the past three months. The draft of the plan has been prepared by the Heart of Asia Society[1] with collaboration of a select group of independent Afghan political figures and professional cadres. If agreed upon by the leadership of the Afghan government and political leaders, this concept is expected to be announced by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan as the Framework for Intra-Afghan Negotiations by the end of Dalwa of the current solar year.

[1] The Heart of Asia Society is an Afghan independent think-tank that supports, through research and dialogue, the promotion of regional cooperation and addressing challenges that Afghanistan shares with the region surrounding it.  It is mentionable that the Heart of Asia Society has supported the formulation of this framework on a pro-bono basis without any affiliations or any internal or external funding.


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