Building Peace and Connectivity through Research and Dialogue

Heart of Asia Society and Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Studies Sign MoU

The Heart of Asia Society is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Ankara Center for Crisis and Policy Research (ANKASAM). The Heart of Asia Society is an Afghanistan-based, independent think-tank working in support of sustainable peace in Afghanistan and shared prosperity in the Heart of Asia region through research and dialogue. ANKASAM is a non-governmental organization and analyzing the economic, political and social crises in the international system and developing policies that include solutions to them are among the top priorities of the organization.


This MoU aims to foster stronger academic and research relations between the two organizations as well as creating scholarly exchanges between the broader Afghanistan-Turkey intellectual community. Under this MoU, HAS and ANKASAM will hold academic dialogues and take on joint research projects that can tackle some of the pressing issues in the bilateral Afghanistan-Turkey relations as well as issues of mutual interest, in particularly Turkey’s role in stabilization of Afghanistan.