Building Peace and Connectivity through Research and Dialogue

Taking power militarily has no domestic and international legitimacy

During a track II dialogue, between Afghan & Pakistani former diplomats & experts, hosted by Heart of Asia Society & Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad, both sides acknowledged that maintaining a dialogue in challenging times is crucial.

One of the first victims in times of crisis is dialogue and it is all too familiar for Afghanistan and Pakistan. When tensions do flare up – we have to continue to talk.

The Afghan side highlighted the suffering of the Afghan people, the escalating levels of violence, and Taliban military push which has resulted in the killing, maiming and displacement of large numbers of Afghan civilians.

The Afghan side reiterated that the 3-day meeting in Doha must recognize the very precarious situation in Afghanistan that the Afghan people are experiencing now. Acknowledging that these kind of meetings often don’t have substantial results, this is the hour to take action.

Afghan participants underlined that we must work together and put pressure on the P5 countries and UNSC that any further military push by the Taliban will not garner them any international legitimacy or recognition.

All agreed that a military takeover is not the solution. There must be a political solution to get out of this crisis. A political settlement through intra-Afghan dialogue and support from the region especially Pakistan is the need of the hour.

(Brief summary of the dialogue)