Building Peace and Connectivity through Research and Dialogue

Taliban Leader Mullah Beradar Speaks to HAS 7th Session of Track 2 Dialogue Series

The Heart of Asia Society (HAS) today hosted the 7th session of its flagship track 2 dialogue series on regional &international support for Afghan peace. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar Akhund, deputy leader of the Taliban and head of the Taliban political office (TPO) in Doha, Qatar participated as keynote speaker. Other senior members from the TPO accompanying Mullah Baradar included Mr Sher Abbas Stanekzai and Mawlavi Shahabuddin Delawar.

In an open and candid discussion and Q&A session that followed the keynote speech, Taliban’s position on a range of key issues involved in the Afghan peace process were debated. Key questions focused on the following:

– Where the Afghan parties to the #DohaTalks stand?

– What’s on the agenda for either side?

– Is ceasefire feasible?

– What are the Taliban’s demands in exchange for ceasefire?

– How do Taliban see the future government and their role in it?

– Are Taliban open to participating in a democratic system of government?

– Are the Taliban ready to embrace the new Afghanistan? Or could they do so even if they wanted?

– How do they see women’s role?

– What’s Taliban’s view of AFG future foreign policy?


During the session, all participants highlighted the necessity of peace for Afghan stability and development, and that all sides must work together to achieve the long-standing desire of the Afghan people for a peaceful Afghanistan.