Building Peace and Connectivity through Research and Dialogue


The Heart of Asia Society focuses on independent research as a main tool to create knowledge and promote understanding. Our in-house research capacity, consisting of experienced Afghan and expatriate researchers, covers a range of key disciplines.

Using our in-house research capacity and, where necessary, drawing on partners from within and outside Afghanistan, we can:

– Carry out in-house or commissioned cross-disciplinary research and studies on topics of relevance to the goals of the Society;
– Participate in nationwide, regional and international academic initiatives with a focus on Afghanistan and the region;
– Organise academic debates, seminars and academic conferences involving scholars from the relevant countries;
– Host visiting scholars and researchers from partner thinktanks and academic institutions in the region globally;
– Produce, with support from other relevant entities, an inventory of independent academic and research institutions across the region;
– Promote contact, affiliations and exchange programmes with regional and international thinktanks; and
– Publish academic papers, reports and books.

SURVEY:  What Are the Afghan People’s Preferences in the Peace Talks?

SURVEY: What Are the Afghan People’s Preferences in the Peace Talks?

  In order to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on Afghans’ opinions about the ongoing peace process and the future of the country, the Heart of Asia Society